Quality is never an accident. It always the result of intelligent efforts.

To summarize the essence of a company in a one or two sentence mission statement is a daunting task. On the surface, our job at KALPTARU is to supply our clients with the steel they need at an acceptable price and at the highest quality possible. But it goes much deeper than that. For to supply a particular client with particular steel implies an understanding of the specific infrastructure and development being made and the knowledge of how to achieve that profile. That’s where the “intelligent effort” part comes in.

Our Group

  • Group Companies of Kalptaru Steels
  • Kathiawar Nails Mfg Works
  • Kathiawar Iron & Steel Co.
  • Kathiawar Steels (Ship Breaking at Plot No-86, Alang)
  • Hetal Steel Corporation

Our Present

We look beyond today to envision the steel of tomorrow. Because quality outcomes depend on quality people, we seek to attract and nurture the best people to deliver superior solutions to our customers. Nothing quite satisfies us like customer praise. That's because our customers demand the highest quality steel, made to exacting specifications, and delivered on-time. So to be recognized as being among their very best suppliers is a tremendous achievement. It's also an inspiration for us to attain ever-higher levels of quality and service.

Quality is a term that has been trivialized, used by purveyors from SAIL to TATA to VIZAG. Genuine quality is harder to come by and does not mean simply well-made or acceptable. Real quality is that which is superior. It is the result of thought, analysis, communication, sweat and honest-to-God hard labor, succinctly stated “intelligent effort”. True quality is giving each customer no less than exactly what they want and need. It is never an accident.

Our Past

For more than a half century we've been inspired by steel. KATHIAWAR GROUP founded in 1950, being the pioneer in introducing Wire Nails Manufacturing Machinery to Gujarat almost 58 years ago, is a leading group busy in Ship breaking and trading business of TMT bars and Structural steel. This sucusess is fueled by the ingenuity of our people - our customers, manufacturers and the communities around us.

We invite you to enjoy our company's rich and dedicated history of steel business. KALPTARU STEEL is a modest trading company of Kathiawar Group, specialized in supplying material in Projects across Gujarat and India enjoying reputation for supplying quality material and on time delivery. We have a total commitment to being close to our customers and understanding their needs and future direction. This commitment extends throughout our company. We intend to build on our heritage of integrity, ethics, quality and teamwork in all our dealings by treating all customers with respect.